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DBO Products, when properly installed, are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months for leisure use.  Products used in commercial or racing applications are warranted for a period of 90 days.

The warranty extends to the application under normal use and service and does not apply to rust, corrosion, submersions, cut wires, deliberate abuse, broken drive gears or housings.  Improper installation, careless handling, tampering or dismantling of units makes this warranty null and void. 

Note:  Our warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective unit.  It does not cover labor or any other expenses.


All returns must be pre-approved and assigned a Return Authorization Number (RMA) and subject to a restocking fee.  Please call 941-484-2589 to schedule your return and receive your RMA number.  Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. 

Warranty Returns:

A warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective units only.  Labor and other expenses are not covered.  All warranty returns must have an RMA and include a full explanation of the malfunction.


All returned goods must be packaged with due care in the original box(s).  A copy of the original invoice and the returning companies packing list must be included.  The packing list should show the DBO part number(s) returned.  All warranty returns must have an RMA and include a full explanation of the malfunction.

Freight Damage:

DBO part boxes are not shipping boxes.  If you are shipping a part to DBO for a rebuild or sending a warranty return, the part must be packaged in a way to prevent possible damage.  Place extra packing material around the part, place it in the part box and then into a well packed shipping container.

Rust, Corrosion or submersions:

Each component is treated with a special rust and corrosion resistant coating to prevent water damage.  However, it is impossible to protect the unit from direct contact with water.  Therefore, a failure directly caused by rust, corrosion or submersion is not covered by warranty.

Broken Solenoids:

The solenoid was not broken when the starter is packaged to be shipped.  We have special boxes made for the starters, and we use special packing materials to ensure the item will arrive to the customer safely.  Sometime, the packages are mishandled by the carrier (i.e., dropped or thrown) and the solenoid becomes damaged.  This is the carrier’s responsibility.  It is not a material defect; therefore it is not covered by warranty.  A claim needs to be field with the carrier.

Cut Wires or Dismantled Units:

Cutting a unit’s wires or dismantling a unit immediately voids the manufacturer’s warranty.  In addition, taking the motor off the reservoir and trying to install it on an old reservoir usually damages the brushes and seals in the motor.  Disassembled parts are not covered by warranty.

Broken Mounting Flanges or Shafts:

A broken flange is typically caused by improper installation.  The mounting holes may look evenly spaced in a triangular pattern, but they are not – one hole is slightly offset.  Forcing a mounting bolt into the offset hole may cause the flange to break.  This may also occur if the mounting bolts are not tightened evenly.  A broken shaft is caused by a malfunction in the gearbox.  These breaks are not material defect, and they are not covered by warranty.

Broken Nose Housing and Gear Drives:

This type of failure is always blamed on a bad casting or defective drive gear.  In fact, it is caused when the starter, spinning at a high rate of rpm, comes to an abrupt stop.  This can occur when an engine backfires or momentarily releasing the start switch and re-engaging the starter before it has spun down. It may also happen when a cylinder suffer a water hydraulic lock.  In either case, the damage is not due to a defective part, and is not covered by warranty.


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